Post-Production in Photos Shop

This week I had a really good time taking some of my photos from the semester and editing them in photoshop to make some pretty neat photos. In this post, you will see in order #1 Mr.Merica #2 Hoop vs plane #3 Valley of the Birds For most of these photos there are several layers and masks within those layers it really took some time to refresh my memory on how to even make mask layers, but once I remembered it was a breeze take a look at these photos and let me know what you think in the comment section below


In this photo, you can see a Model with a leather jacket and aviator glasses I just had to crop in and add an American flag using a layer mask and the final result is quite stunning


In the second photo, I took a picture of a basketball hoop that I thought was very good looking but I thought it would look even better if a plane was flying through the center of the hoop


In the third photo, I took an ordinary valley photo and added some clouds, birds and a grunge overlay and made a very natural and organic looking photo

Before and After Using Adobe Photoshop


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