Here is my take on The Martian movie poster

This is a recreation of the movie poster The Martian starring Matt Damon, I really love this movie and thought what would it be like if I was in his shoes? So, I decided to photoshop my face into the picture. I started off by finding a copy of the movie poster I wanted to put my face, in then I took a selfie with my iPhone it was difficult to get my face in the same angle as the Martian. After finding the photos I then imported them into photoshop. Once in photoshop I created Three layers, then put a mask on my face and then masked The Martians face, then used the auto blend and auto-align feature to blend all the photos seamlessly.


This is the final product as myself as The Martian

This is the selfie that I used to make myself The MartianĀ 

The original Martian posterx