Light Painting Objects

Light painting objects was another topic that we covered on our 4-day excursion in Teton, Idaho. Caryn taught us this fascinating technique that involves very little to create something extraordinary. For the photos below, we used nothing more than a camera, a tripod, and a pen light. We first created a scene, then we turned off the lights and used a long shutter speed and a large F-stop and a pen light to highlight features that made our subjects stand out and appealing to the eye. The subtle details would pop which made a more engaging photo.

Photo #1: In this photo, an Indian headdress, cowboy boots, and an antler were used. When all three were incorporated, it made for an interesting subject.

Photo #2: Jewelry box. Photographing this subject was surprisingly difficult because being able to highlight all that was shiny without it becoming too distracting was a task in and of itself.

Photo #3: An old, vintage football and flag created a rustic, American theme.

Photo #4: A classic cowboy scene. A noose, a gun, and a cowboy hat.

Photo #5: Being a creative is about making something amazing from the unexpected.


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