Taking men’s Fashion portraits

The other day I had the opportunity to take several portraits but I have decided to split them up into categories this is the fashion men’s portraits in this post I’ll be showcasing five of my favorites Some of them are themed such as Halloween, hipster, business and casual to show my versatility.

Photo one is of a hipster featuring A pink button tee with a blue sports jacket.

In photo two is a business shot he’s in position for an outstanding headshot.

Photo of three is casual-wear the model is in the thinking position.

Photo four is one of the themed Halloween shots he happened to be the groom to the haunted bride.


In photo five is a model in Athletic wear practicing his boxing.

                                                While editing my photo I wanted to give making and AD a try this model really looked like                                he could be a model for Giorgio Armani what do you think?

Here are some other great tips for photographing men.

Another great link Here.