Be Present with Presence

This was such a fun product shoot. Now how did I do it? When creating this image I used a sheet of frosted plexiglass, 4 dimmable led lights, and a white backdrop when positioned properly you can create outstanding Product photography Without using A flash Or constant light.


This top photo is the final edited AD that I made and it really turned out great and I very happy with it. I think the reason this AD looks so great is because of the way the bottle reflects on the light table that really makes it stand out.

This photo is the unedited photo as you can see the photo color is too warm and other than that it looks great thank goodness for shooting in RAW so I was able to cool it off.

This is my setup as you can see the way the lights are set up in a way to really make that bottle stand out sets it apart from everything around it creating an outstanding AD.

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Creating an Ad