Authentic Mexican ice cream

For my personal style guide is that I love taking landscape and product photography. I also like to create videos that showcase different aspects of businesses. I have the ability to take the goal of a business and give them the tools that improves their marketing strategies.


Below are some of the business cards that I made to hand out to people.

My creative project was to showcase what I can do for a business. I went to the owner and found out where he felt his store was lacking and created postable pictures for his social media accounts and also created a video that he can have playing in his store to make the customers want more.

I wanted to create a whole new ad campaign for this company because I know that my content will bring in more customers for the business. The most beneficial thing I learned this semester is how to balance the light correctly. Learning how to separate the subject from the background makes the photos look more crisp and professional, which took my photography to a whole new level.



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