Looking beyond the ordinary

Being a creative is all about taking an ordinary spot and making extraordinary shots out of anything for this post I had such a great time letting my mind wonder and exploring the possibility of my camera and my editing skills. Because of that, I created two really extraordinary shots from an ordinary spot like my folding table in my living room.



For the first shot, I took just and an ordinary can of sprite soda and place it on my table then using a single flash and a snoot with a softbox I was then able to take the shot and only highlight the soda can and make the background disappear.  

For the second shot, I found a moth in my kitchen and got some tape a taped him to the table, allowing me to get plenty of shots without it moving. I then took 25 photos and different focal depths and then photo stacked them in photoshop that in result made a stunning photo out of something so ordinary.


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