Spray, sprinkle or splash: Creating fast shutter photography


I love photography, but most importantly, I love to be creative so I took three photos in each category Spray, Sprinkle and Splash for these photos I used my camera on a tripod, external flashes, and a whole Lotta patience. I would also recommend that you use either a macro lens or so macro tubes this will really help get you closer to the action.

To complete these photos you will need an external flash deck and get up 1/200th of a second or fasterĀ 


This can of soda that I shot at iso 300 and f14 with two flashes that were set to shoot at 1/200 of a second with these settings it really helped me get the water droplets to freeze in the air what a wonderful shot this is.

I love this shot I had my wife help with this one I taped a spoon to a spare light stand then placed an orange on the spoon the had my wife Blow the sugar off creating an awesome concept piece.

Ok, if you made it this far you can now see my most favorite shot of this week I call it the transcending this is white milk that I dropped chocolate milk into creating this unbelievable shot if you look close the chocolate milk is actually bouncing off the white milk this is why fast shutter photography is amazing you can capture things that a human eye otherwise couldn’t see.


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