Taking women’s Fashion portraits

Recently I did a photo shoot where I photographed different models that were dressed in different themes, some of them were dressed in different styled outfits from business to hipster and a few were dressed up for Halloween which gave us a chance to make some exquisite Fashion portraits for the women that we were working with that night I thought I’d post a few of my favorites and explain the creative process


The first photo I edited is of a Woman wearing a Jean jacket and the photo below I showed how you can easily make a great photo an advertisement by simply adding a company‘s logo

The third photo was very fun, I use the very high shutter speed to capture the hair floating in the air

The fourth photo can is a beautiful model showing off her exercise apparel and again I made it into an ad by adding the Nike swoosh and their slogan “just do it.”

The last two shots were some of the themed Halloween models the first one with the fur coat is Cruella Deville and the last photo is an undead hunted bride

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