Hello, my name is Andrew Scholes I’m from Rigby Idaho. I’m 24 years old I’ve lived in Rigby my entire life with the exception of two years. During those two years, I served a two-year mission for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints mostly in the glorious state of Virginia, but my mission was the Washington D.C. South area. I loved my mission with all my heart and hopefully, someday I’ll get the opportunity to go back. During my time there, I got to spend many Monday’s (P-days) in Washington D.C. which basically made it the best two years spending it in our nation’s capital. This is my LAST!!  semester here at BYU-I and I’m very excited for this class to begin. My entire family has attended BYU-I for their schooling, so it is pretty much in my blood. I’m a communication major studying my two loves: video and photography. I am married to the most beautiful woman ever as well which has made everything much more exciting navigating through life with my eternal partner were also excepting our first child on November 6th this year. In conclusion, I can’t wait to see what this class holds in store and how I can use this class to my advantage in my future.

This is Andrew Scholes

This is Andrew Scholes

This is Andrew Scholes a SR at BYUI studying video production.

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