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What a semester this was! I really enjoyed being able to learn more about photography and how to hone in on my skills as a photographer. I feel that I was truly able to improve in so many areas of photography. I really found my true style for each area of photography and I feel that I stand out as a photographer in unique ways.  Below are some of my best images from this semester scroll down and enjoy.
















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la michoacana Authentic Mexican ice cream

Authentic Mexican ice cream

For my personal style guide is that I love taking landscape and product photography. I also like to create videos that showcase different aspects of businesses. I have the ability to take the goal of a business and give them the tools that improves their marketing strategies.


Below are some of the business cards that I made to hand out to people.

My creative project was to showcase what I can do for a business. I went to the owner and found out where he felt his store was lacking and created postable pictures for his social media accounts and also created a video that he can have playing in his store to make the customers want more.

I wanted to create a whole new ad campaign for this company because I know that my content will bring in more customers for the business. The most beneficial thing I learned this semester is how to balance the light correctly. Learning how to separate the subject from the background makes the photos look more crisp and professional, which took my photography to a whole new level.



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Environmental Food Photography

Food, it’s something that is all around us in our environment, but with food all around us its something that not only is it good to look at but its fun to eat and as humans food is something that we all have in common and there nothing like sharing a freshly cooked meal or snack its something that we all have in common. so I hope that you like this blog post of people interacting with my food product photography in their environment.

Can you just look at that cake! It was made with so much love but its always better when people are enjoying it


This little cake looked so good as well but these two below had some other intentions like destroying it with a face smash.

Also, what is better than a warm drink on a cold day living in Idaho this pretty much sums up 6 months of the year.


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Amazing food photography

Showcasing my Amazing food Photography

Welcome to my blog, Today I’m here to share with you some of my amazing food photography. This was the first time that I have ever taken food photography. This was very exciting for me because it was my first time that I actually took the time to prop up the food and basically make the food my props. Once I got past the delicious smell of all the food I took these amazing photos.


In this blog post, I was really wanting to take photos that you would most likely eat starting from appetizers, main course, and desserts

Just look at this can of Cambell’s tomato soup it just looks too good that’s why it’s in this amazing blog.

Cake anyone? NOPE to amazing to eat!

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Fast Shutter Photography

Spray, sprinkle or splash: Creating fast shutter photography


I love photography, but most importantly, I love to be creative so I took three photos in each category Spray, Sprinkle and Splash for these photos I used my camera on a tripod, external flashes, and a whole Lotta patience. I would also recommend that you use either a macro lens or so macro tubes this will really help get you closer to the action.

To complete these photos you will need an external flash deck and get up 1/200th of a second or faster 


This can of soda that I shot at iso 300 and f14 with two flashes that were set to shoot at 1/200 of a second with these settings it really helped me get the water droplets to freeze in the air what a wonderful shot this is.

I love this shot I had my wife help with this one I taped a spoon to a spare light stand then placed an orange on the spoon the had my wife Blow the sugar off creating an awesome concept piece.

Ok, if you made it this far you can now see my most favorite shot of this week I call it the transcending this is white milk that I dropped chocolate milk into creating this unbelievable shot if you look close the chocolate milk is actually bouncing off the white milk this is why fast shutter photography is amazing you can capture things that a human eye otherwise couldn’t see.


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Landscape product photography

Landscape product photography

Recently I used McKenna Pro to order an 18 x 24 inch print of a favorite fine art photo I captured earlier this year.

This is the raw photo as you can see it’s dark and underexposed also the sky is blown out and due to the fall season, the colors aren’t vibrant at all.

In this photo, It is the final edited photo I lightened up the darks and then I used 3 bracketed photos and different exposures to make the sky and landscape pop.

Here is the final result my art hanging up in the BYU-I Spori for all to see and enjoy I’m very happy with the final results and look forward to it to hang in my home.


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Photo Shop – Post Production

Post-Production in Photos Shop

This week I had a really good time taking some of my photos from the semester and editing them in photoshop to make some pretty neat photos. In this post, you will see in order #1 Mr.Merica #2 Hoop vs plane #3 Valley of the Birds For most of these photos there are several layers and masks within those layers it really took some time to refresh my memory on how to even make mask layers, but once I remembered it was a breeze take a look at these photos and let me know what you think in the comment section below


In this photo, you can see a Model with a leather jacket and aviator glasses I just had to crop in and add an American flag using a layer mask and the final result is quite stunning


In the second photo, I took a picture of a basketball hoop that I thought was very good looking but I thought it would look even better if a plane was flying through the center of the hoop


In the third photo, I took an ordinary valley photo and added some clouds, birds and a grunge overlay and made a very natural and organic looking photo

Before and After Using Adobe Photoshop


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Accessories and Buildings

Product photography and locations

I not only do I take portraits, but I also like to take pictures of the building or location that I’m taking pictures in because it’s all about the location not only do I take pictures of the location but I like taking pictures of product and accessories that the models are wearing to really give a vibe of interaction

The location is The Venue in Rigby, Idaho


The building that we were in is located in Rigby, Idaho known as the venue they rented out for wedding receptions parties, business conferences pretty much anything you want it for you can rent it

All of the portraits that were taken in the past four posts in this category were taken at this location it’s absolutely a beautiful location for photography.



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Fashion Photography Groups

Group Photography

Group photography is much more difficult than taking individual portraits as it takes more skill and an understanding of how different lenses and apertures work. On the photoshoot, I had the opportunity to do many group photos. Here are a few that I would like to showcase and to show that with the correct camera settings, you can acquire beautiful shots.

In photo 1, we have a themed couple shoot of Frankenstein’s Monster and his bride.

In this photo, we have a gym couple representing their exercise apparel.

Two friends that are enjoying the Fall weather.

Zombie bridal portraits that were Halloween ready.


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Fashion Portraits Women

Taking women’s Fashion portraits

Recently I did a photo shoot where I photographed different models that were dressed in different themes, some of them were dressed in different styled outfits from business to hipster and a few were dressed up for Halloween which gave us a chance to make some exquisite Fashion portraits for the women that we were working with that night I thought I’d post a few of my favorites and explain the creative process


The first photo I edited is of a Woman wearing a Jean jacket and the photo below I showed how you can easily make a great photo an advertisement by simply adding a company‘s logo

The third photo was very fun, I use the very high shutter speed to capture the hair floating in the air

The fourth photo can is a beautiful model showing off her exercise apparel and again I made it into an ad by adding the Nike swoosh and their slogan “just do it.”

The last two shots were some of the themed Halloween models the first one with the fur coat is Cruella Deville and the last photo is an undead hunted bride

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This is Andrew Scholes

This is Andrew Scholes

This is Andrew Scholes a SR at BYUI studying video production.

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